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Just in case you thought it was just black people who hated gay people, get into how your white brethren showed up and showed out for chicken and homophobia.

Because nothing brings Americans together like hating on gay people!

I had some creep say he was looking out for me (with a gun) for talking about this yesterday.

Just good homespun folks, is all.

Look at them lining up like a Parade of Douches.

Man, they’re all wearing such boring clothing and I don’t want to say it’s because they hate gay people but it’s because they hate gay people. 

Yeah. I haven’t been really paying attention to this stuff, but there was a long line at the mall today at the Chikfilhate. I didn’t know there was a Chikfilhate appreciation day though… I just thought it was a lot of White people who wanted some nuggets…

Kanye Shrug

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