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Lilo and Stitch presenting an accurate representation of Hawaiians perspective on luaus held by tourists. 

#what’s sad about this is that this is actually what Hawaiians had to do when the western culture took over #a luau was a sacred practice #until the westerners took the concept and had the audacity to change it into a time to stuff your face with food and put on grass skirts and coconut bras and dance the hula #and when they had these events, they didn’t even let actual Hawaiian people in #so to make money to take care of themselves, the Hawaiians were hired to work in these disgraceful events to clean up after the tourists like slaves only to make less than a buck #so good job disney for doing your fucking research and educating these people #sadly, this still goes on even until today and it makes me sick

I forgot this isn’t common knowledge to other people

Real talk whoever the creative team on this movie was should stage a coup of Disney and just make more real shit like L&S


Centuries of Native Americans - as well as indigenous peoples all over the world - have suffered under dominating entities that tried to extinguish them - both physically (i.e., genocide) and culturally (i.e., the banning of traditional practices, such as the criminalization of the Lakota sun dance for most of the 20th century, residential schools in Canada until the 1970s, and so forth). So while you think it’s great that you can walk around feeling like hot shit in your feathered headband, there are many Native Americans still too ashamed or afraid to even discuss their ethnicities or cultures with their children. Many whose songs, languages, ceremonies and skills have been lost by force. Many who are so mired in poverty and depression and addiction and other forms of social strife that *you might have more access to their traditional cultures than they do*.
Mimi Thi Nguyen (via cyberteeth)

(Source: sad--anime)


Look, as a Native American woman and a fan of movies, and

I am  B E G I N G  YOU



Disney paid off the tribal councils so there wouldn’t be controversy over Johnny Depp as Tonto.

MANY Native people are upset about this, you just don’t hear it because we’re repeatedly SILENCED

PLEASE CONSIDER SEEING PACIFIC RIM INSTEAD! It is a very actiony move written by a POC, starring many POC! :D

Thank you! <3

I’m sure you’ve seen this by now, but if not, here it is.

: vasundharaa: Dear White Girl when you can be killed at birth for being...


Dear White Girl

when you can be killed at birth for being born with a vagina

when you are harassed and treated like a lesser being for your gender

when you have to walk to school down streets where men outnumber you 10-1 with a constant fear of being molested/raped

when you…

it’s going to be Halloween soon and I’m going to have to see white girls sporting Mexican Sugar Skull makeup



Glittery Sugar Skull makeup with flowers and in dainty pastels shades. Oh and don’t forget the pretty little pink lips.  Because god forbid an actual accurate representation of a sacred aspect of someone else’s culture you’re stealing and mutilating. 

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